About us

Who we are

We are an educational blog. We are here for students basically. We provide valuable contents to help students in their academic journey.

Our Contents are centered on tips to enable students succeed academically and schools where they would do so, in accordance with our opinion.

As part of our plan, we would provide scholarship information to both national and international students, who may be needing financial assistance to enable them attend Schools.

Scholarshipsmax is a blog dedicated to the provision of graduate schools and educational articles.

We, through our contents, provide easy to understand information on universities, scholarship opportunities, colleges etc. to students seeking these types of information.

Our Mission

We want to be a one stop blog for students desiring quality information about universities, colleges, scholarships opportunities and tips for excellent academic performances.

Our Core Values

We value quality over quantity. We will have plenty of useful and valuable contents for students but it will take us time to make them available. This is because we will take time to develop them.