Hult International School

Hult International School  Hult International School is a vibrant and multicultural business school that educates and inspires some of the world’s best business talents.  Hult engages students with excellent skills by going beyond just classroom experience but real-life experiences. Hult business school emphasizes global professional literacy and international business.  Hult is proudly ranked and recognized … Read more

Highest Paying Jobs With a Sociology Degree

A sociology degree can lead to a variety of different careers. From human resources to marketing, many fields value the skills that sociology majors bring to the table. And while some jobs may not pay as much as others, there are plenty of options for high-paying careers for those with a sociology degree. Explore our … Read more

6 Best Universities in the World for Computer Science

Computer science is the study of the computer and it’s functions. It involves a wide range of subjects including computation, information and automation, some are theoretical while some are practical. Academically, computer science is an area of research either theoretical such as algorithm, computation, automaton and information or practical aspect involving implementation of hardware and … Read more

11 Best Apps for Free Online Courses With Certificates

Whether you’re looking to upskill yourself, explore new career options, or learn something new, numerous online courses can help you expand your skills and knowledge.  Finding the time and money to invest in furthering your education can be tough. But did you know there are plenty of free ways to learn new things online? And … Read more

8 Cheapest Engineering Universities in Canada for International Students

Tuition fees in Canada can be pretty high, especially for international students who are not eligible to receive any financial aid from their home country or those from an average background. Engineering programs can cost much more than average undergraduate or post-graduate programs. While studying in Canada, tuition fees will be your main expenses as … Read more